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About The Centre for Social Robotics

Robotics science and technology is advancing rapidly and has reached the stage where it is becoming possible to build robots that are able to interact with people to assist them, or so that human and robot may work cooperatively to complete a task.

The need to understand what is possible in human-machine interaction, and how to shape or structure this interaction, will be fundamental to future developments in this field. Without joint knowledge – by human and robot – of each other's abilities and intent, and without an understanding of social context, human-robot interaction based soley on technological ability will fail. Widespread future adoption of robotics technology within society will depend on a multi-disciplinary understanding of scientific, technological, sociological and cultural aspects of human-robot interaction.

It is in this context that the Centre for Social Robotics was founded within ACFR by David Rye and Mari Velonaki in 2006. Our objective is to study and understand human-robot interaction in social environments.

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